Saturday, August 1, 2009

More Thimbleberries "3s Company" Blocks

Well, I've finished a total of 7 monthly blocks for this years Thimbleberries Quilt. These are the latest from the past 4 months. I really am loving the colors. Not traditional Thimbleberries colors at all.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

I love movies!!!!!!! This one is one of my all time favorites--and I can watch it over and over. I happened to come upon it again on WE so that what I will watch right now while I sew. The music is wonderful--I have the soundtrack. And I purchase the book soon after I saw the first run at the theater. I have yet to read it but know I will get to it some day.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Two more quick projects done. The table runner was made from half square triangle cuts left over from another project. Two absolutely beautiful batiks. Never want to waste any of that fabric. The pattern was not mine but when I saw it I knew it was perfect for these scraps.
The little sewing kit is a Thimbleberries Club pattern and I did use Thimbleberries fabrics.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

For Missouri Girls Town

Have been making pillow cases and small ditty bags to donate to Girls Town. Pam Oliver-owner of Miss Millie's Quilt Shop-was always a big supporter. Each year the Thimbleberries Club members would make a particular item to donate. After Pam's death from cancer in 2008 we decided to carry on this project in her memory, at our new Thimbleberries Club. There have been more pillowcases made than ditty bags so I have taken it upon myself to make as many bags as I can.

I haven't spoken much about Pam since we found out last year that she was terminally ill. After she passed and the shop was gone so many of the Thimbleberries members wanted to continue with the club and carry forward the wonderful camaraderie that Pam started. Luckily we found another quilt shop owner who was willing to take on the task. A major one, as she had not carried the Thimbleberries fabric line at all. Linda at Specialty Quilts in Jefferson City stepped up and I think she was well rewarded. So many of the existing members came back (so far, about 60) and Thimbleberries 2009 is going strong.

We will all never forget Pam and the legacy of kindness and helpfulness she left with us. Her shop was like home. You can't say that about many of the quilt shops out there. Through past experience I have met some of those shop owners. Needless to say I don't patronise those shops. Pam had a way of making you feel welcome whether you were there to buy or not. Her sit and sews were great fun. She was a friend to everyone. Linda is much like Pam. She is kind, friendly and helpful. The perfect fit to follow in Pam's footsteps.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Words to live by from Bonnie Hunter

Found this posted at "Quiltville's Quips & Snips." What a wonderful thought. This is courtesy of Bonnie Hunter at the above blog. I always enjoy visiting to see what she has been up to. Also she has a wonderful book out called "Scraps and Shirttails" which I did purchase. It's full of great scrap quilt patterns.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Thimbleberries monthly bonus project

This is one of the bonus projects given to thimbleberries members at the month club meeting.
The big flower fabric is border fabric from 2007 club quilt. I don't have a true quilting machine , but I can do medium size items on my sewing machine. I'm going to quilt more in the cream fabric and find a continuous line pattern that I can just go from top to bottom without having to move it around in different directions. All I'll have to do is roll it in from the sides and work on one strip at a time. I think it will turn out and make a nice lap quilt.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Thimbleberries "Hearth and Home" Quilt

I finally finished the 2007 Club Quilt. I liked the quilt but did cheat a little and didn't add all of the borders which would have made it a full size quilt. There is a brick wall in my front hall that makes a wonderful place for hanging wall quilts from large to small. All the blocks were done but I just stalled big time and never got them assembled--working on too many other projects. Anyhow, one of the monthly bonus patterns seemed perfect for that big flower print in the outer border. So I had two incentives-- (1) have a new quilt for summer in my hallway and (2) make it just the right size to fit the wall and have lots of fabric leftover for another project. So both are done. I'll post a pic of number two another day.

Friday, June 5, 2009

Thimbleberries "3s Company BOM

First 3 monthly block sets finished. I chose the brites color way and I just love them. Totally different from Thimbleberries colors I have been used to working with.

Saturday, April 4, 2009


We got a brand new kitty about a month ago. Finally decided she looked like a Puddin' so that's
her name. She was born in our warehouse behind our store and I thought was destined to live among the others that we care for. She was such a sweetie from day one and actually let us hold her, unlike most out there--they can be really wild. When it was time for her to be spayed, I took her to the vet and I really wanted to take her home if she was healthy. All the tests came back negative, so that was it. I did take her home and she's happy and we're happy. She is a little love. Cotton isn't very thrilled when she gets playful(he is 17 and gets cranky)but they do Ok. I wish I could do more for the others that are living out there, but I guess the are happy in their own way. They have shelter, food, and can't make babies. Somehow over time new cats continue to show up. Maybe they know it's a good place to come. We have adopted 5 into our store over the years, so we can't bring in anymore. I wish I had a big farm where I could take care of the stray and unwanted pets. Oh well, we've been able to help one more stray and in return we get lots of love.

Friday, March 27, 2009

new pin cushion

Found this pattern at the Thimbleberries website and had to make it. I have more pin cushions than I can use but I keep right on making then. Can't pas up a cute idea for one. I'm making the 2009 Thimbleberries quilt but that will take all year to complete. We get a new part of the quilt every month for 12 months, so it will be the end of the year before it's done. Sitting down and sewing this in a few hours gives me the sense of finishing something. We all need that once in a while. There are more free patterns and ideas for quick projects every month which I am looking forward to.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Christmas Cactus

It's the middle of February and my Christmas cactus' continue to bloom. They started before Christmas and have just continued on. Most years each gets a few blooms between Thanksgiving and Christmas and once they flower that's it. So for whatever reasons this year is something special. Right now there are about 10 new blooms, so they are still going strong. Oh well, I won't question why, I'll just continue to enjoy them.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Sit and Sew Snowman

Finished my snowman from the sit n' sew. Did make a few changes. There was a kind of Christmassy tree beside him but I wanted something different. Have a pattern for some winter birds in tree branches so I appliqued some of the branches and used a couple of cardinals. I like it.

Friday, January 2, 2009

Been gone a while

I always think I have time to blog every day, or once a week even, but forget that. Guess, really, life can become so complicated that blogging just doesn't seem very important. There have been lots of good things along with some tough things to deal with these past months. I wasn't even visiting any of my favorite blogs to see what was going on with everyone. Maybe getting back to blogging will act as some welcome therapy for me. I use therapy in the broadest way. There was nothing earth shattering, just so much to contend with.

What brought me back today was something that was small but very welcome. I have to say I love doing things for others and donating to all of my local worthy causes. It just makes me feel all warm inside. We'll this morning I pulled in to the local Aldi Grocery Store Parking lot and was on my way to get a cart. I don't know if any will even read this post or if they don't know what Aldi's is like so I'll explain. The shopping carts are outside and they are locked together. There is a little quarter slot on each cart handle. You put a quarter in the slot and it pushes a little tab that is attached to a chain out in front of the slot, releasing the cart. When you are done with the cart you push it back in the the row of carts, push the tab in and it pushes the quarter back out to you. I think Aldi has some great ideas to keep costs down. With this system, carts are not left all over the lot and no one is needed to go outside and gather them. Saves money and manpower.

Anyhow, I was on my way across the lot and met a lady returning a cart. Sometimes people just trade a quarter for a cart. She offered it to me and I held out my quarter to her. She said "no, that's OK" and I offered again and she still said no. So I said thanks and I'd pass her thought on, which I did. It's not a big deal and as the day goes by someone will get that extra quarter and maybe they will need it. It's such a small thing, but it felt good to smile and be smiled at by total strangers.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Wonkey Houses

About two weeks ago I took a very unconventional quilt class and I loved it. I signed up when I read the class description. I learned how to make these house blocks that I guess look like a child made, but it was a very enjoyable day. The quilt pictured belongs to the teacher and the loose blocks are mine. They look like pieces just thrown together but there was a method to this madness. There were ways of deciding the sizes we wanted to make and getting all the pieces fit by just cutting pieces and trimming and making them go together.
The class description was a follows: "Learn improvisational cutting and piecing techniques as you build these fun and wacky houses.Each house is different and there are no seam rippers allowed. Check you OCD at the door and prepare to have some fun."
It was everything described. The whole class had a great time. Now we can even design our our houses. It's a lot of hit or miss till you get what you want and no pressure.

Friday, October 24, 2008

More on my favorite season

First of all, credit to Molly at Dark Oak Woman, whose blog I check out regularly for the great little poem I found there. Had to borrow it. Hope she doesn't mind.

Thought I would post it here where I can remember where it is. I save more things on paper and try to put them where I can find them later. Forget that!

I have been working a putting things I find or print from the Internet into notebooks in clear pages by categories. For example, knitting, quilting, crochet, Christmas, recipes, amigurumi, sock and scarf patterns, kitchen patterns and lots more. I also have started one for saying, pictures and all the miscellaneous neat things I find. This little poem will go in there and I'll always know where I put it. I even invent new notebooks as I am filing. So I do know where somethings are. Trouble is I have stacks and stacks still to file and I know I need something from that stack soon enough. Got to get it all sorted.

I made the Maple leaf block(I think 6)to go in a quilt I made last fall(pic posted earlier)but then decided not to put them in. I was making the blocks from Moda Marbles in fall style colors and thought these prints might ad a little pop in a few places. Didn't like it so these have become orphan blocks for something later on.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

The quilt Jane Austen made

The quilt Jane Austen made

Finally a pattern. I have been wanting to make this quit for so long.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Monday, September 29, 2008

My Anniversary Waltz Sampler

I've finished more blocks for my Block of the Month Quilt Class. Also I've unfinished one of the 3. When I made block #1 (top) it really just didn't do anything for me. The center just didn't look good. I think my main problem was I had to pick 9 new batiks pretty quick to get started. I had planned on using some older Jinny Beyer fabrics from my stash but I was talked out of that. So I started new and I think my heart wasn't in it. I took the suggestions for the batiks.
After that first block I knew I had to at least change out the middle which I think helped. I did make a couple of other changes and I am starting to like the colors now in the 2 newest blocks.
Going back to the first block--I may disassemble it even more and make some color changes. I'll make one or two of the upcoming months and then revisit #1 and put it together. I think I will be happy with the quilt when it's done.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

For anyone who has been touched by cancer

Dear God, I pray for the cure of cancer.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Quilts and a Quote

These are all quilts that were made from either block or fabric trades back in the early '90s.
That was back in the dark ages before so much casual computer contact. Some how there became a very large network of quilters trading through the mail. Most quilt magazines had a column for requests but the many different trades that were invented circulated everywhere. I would get lists with lots of names for either blocks , charm squares, fabric shape cuts to make a block(less the background). The star quilt above was a fabric trade-four triangles and a square- and we supply our own background. There were about 30 or more of those trades circulating. What was so cool was I always received trades back from whoever I sent a request to, be it blocks or fabric. I think the greatest thing was the quality of the fabrics and the blocks. Always 100% cottons and the blocks were very well constructed in the correct size asked for. It was really amazing and fun to get what we called "fat envelopes." I met people from all over the world-almost every state, South Africa, Denmark, Japan, Canada, Iceland, Australia, New Zealand, England-to name a few. But over time, just like anything else it wound down and was no more. I think the computer age had something to do with it.
I'm having kind of a day so taking a few minutes out to remember the fun time I had maybe can give me a break from my stressful day.
Also an Inspirational Quote I received by e-mail. Maybe this will help.
"Love, laugh, sing , play.
If you want to heal your mind,
do these thing every day,
and there will be little left to heal."

Friday, September 12, 2008


I was visiting my regular favorite blogs today and had a memory jog at Blackberry Creek Summer. She was remembering a local kids TV host that had passed away but left wonderful memories. She put me in mind of my favorite--Texas Bruce and the Wrangler Club in St. Louis, Missouri. Boy, did I rush home from school every day to tune in. It had cartoons, cowboys, and of course kids. I loved it. I always wished I could go on the show and I'd think of the list of people I'd say Hi! to when I did. Never made it, but spent a lot of fun times watching it.

I haven't lived in St. Louis for many years so am not up on the news there. I knew with my wonderful computer, if I typed in his name I'd find him. I did but sadly the site I found was on his passing, back on July 18th of this year. Happily, he was a ripe old 91 years so had a long productive life. I didn't realize it but the show was on for 13 years, a few of which I got to enjoy.

I commented to Susan about it being too bad we don't still have more shows like that today. And then there was Captain Kangaroo, Howdy Doody, and Kukla, Fran, and Ollie. Does everyone remember these?

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Very Sad News

Well, I got the worst news on Monday at Quilt Guild. Of course we are all talking about Pam's sad news and that's when I heard that she is very ill. The cancer has spread to other organs and is most probably terminal. How I hate that word. We always wonder why things like this happen to such good people, so I guess we must just have faith. Miracles do happen, so all of us will say our prayers for her.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Miss Millie's is Closing

How very sad I have been. Last week something came in the mail from Miss Millie's. I knew it was too early for my monthly Thimbleberries newsletter so I thought maybe it was a new class schedule or something else. It was something else alright. Pam was very sorry to announce the closing of the shop. I had wondered if this might ever happen but have been hoping it wouldn't. It has been, as far as I am concerned, one of the best quilt shops. Just a homey place to be with all the beautiful fabrics and great people in the shop. Of course there is Pam(the owner), Marilyn(her sister), their mom( who we call mom) and Aunt Betty. What a very nice family they are.

Over the past months Pam has been very ill. Choosing not to talk about the situation in depth, her illness was just being described as serious. I think we all knew in our hearts that it probably was cancer, and we do know now. She hasn't been able to work much at all since January. That was when Marilyn announced at the Thimbleberries meeting that Pam wouldn't be in the shop very much for a long while due to a serious illness. I think we all guessed then with that description that it wouldn't be good. Different people ran the shop when Pam wasn't there(Mom, Aunt Betty, Pat Brenda, and even Marilyn who has a full time job elsewhere) and Marilyn has been presiding over the monthly Thimbleberries meetings. It must have been too much for all and Pam is still fighting the cancer. We do now know as Marilyn said Pam would be starting kemo therapy soon. When we first learned of Pam's illness Marilyn said there was a good prognosis, it would just be a long road.

When the letter came in the mail a closing sale was announced also. The weekend before Labor Day was a special sale for Thimbleberries, all fabric and quilting items at 35% off. Of course I had to go and get some of my favorite fabric, Thimbleberries, so I could make some of the quilts, etc on my future to do list. No other shop in town stocks very much of it so I really wanted to add to my stash. It was very sad to be there. Mom was cutting fabric and she cried at first. There were a lot if Thimbleberries members shopping and we all just felt so sad for Pam and here family. We also felt sad that we were losing such a great place to gather and share our love of quilting. Pam has always made it so easy to enjoy here shop. No pressure, always helpful and a real friend to all of us. And then there is also Miss Millie ,the shops namesake. She is the most darling little dog, friendly and wanting to love everyone.

All the samples were being sold during the week after the announcement, when the sale was open to the public at 25% everything. I went back on Tuesday hoping to get one of the samples that Pam had made along with her mother, more for sentimental reasons than anything It was from Simple Seasons-an Easter Wall hanging- and it was lovely. With folk art bunnies and handmade yoyos all over as flowers. Wasn't able to get it because Mom decided to keep it which was fine with me. I did get the two above, though. The snowman one was from the same book which I had also fallen in love with, and I was lucky enough to get it. The other one is a thimbleberries sample which I had also been admiring for a while. So I have two very nice pieces that I really love and as mementos of some wonderful years at thimbleberries club.
Oh well, it seems like things must change either for good or bad reasons. This change is definitely not for the better. All of us who love Pam and her shop will be missing it for a long time.

Friday, September 5, 2008

My Favorite Season is Here!!!!!

It's getting to be fall and I am so happy. The cooler tempratures are so revitalizing. Now I wait for the beautiful fall foliage.

I was visiting my favorite blogs this morning and found a wonderful poem(one of a few) at Dark Oak Woman and just had to borrow it. I credit Molly with finding it and say thanks for introducing me to the author.

"By all these lovely tokens

September days are here,

With Summer's best of weather

And Autumn's best of cheer."

-Helen Hunt Jackson, September

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Lucky Dog Quilt

Short post. Busy working on quilt blocks. I won these block in a drawing at Miss Millie's. Every month she had a drawing and the winner won blocks. Pam would furnish the pattern and one of the fabrics. We put the block together and turned it in at the shop. Each month a winner was drawn from all the people who made blocks. It's quilted just need to get it bound. Mom and Aunt Betty at Miss Millie's will bind any size quilt for $10.00-we supply the binding. I still think they ought to charge more than that.